Canadian Visa

Study Visa or Work Visa to Canada

If you’re applying to study or work in Canada (temporary residence), an experienced Canadian Immigration Lawyer can assess your situation, determine the most suitable program for you and prepare a complete and impressive application package for consideration by Canadian Immigration officials.


Visa Applications

Applications for Canadian Temporary Residence are generally considered by visa officers at Canadian Consulates or Embassies around the world. In some cases, an application may be filed from within Canada. Although the determination by visa officers and immigration officers is governed by regulations, rules and guidelines, there is also a discretionary component allowed to be exercised by the decision-maker. With my experience in representing clients over the years in these types of cases, I can provide you with knowledgeable, quality representation throughout the application process.


Entering Canada: Immigration Interview

Every time you appear at a Canadian port-of-entry, you are applying to be admitted to Canada, either for a temporary purpose or permanently. You are subject each time to being examined by the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) who has the authority and discretion to consider your application for entry. Only Canadian citizens, permanent residents of Canada and holders of a Canadian Immigrant Visa may apply to enter permanently. All others may apply to enter temporarily if they hold a temporary resident visa (visitor visa), or are citizens or, in some cases, permanent residents of a country which is exempt from the requirement to be in possession of a temporary resident visa. For example, citizens of the United States and green card holders are exempt from obtaining a visitor visa.

The CBSA officer at the port-of-entry is entitled to ask you questions in order to determine if you are genuinely entering Canada for a temporary purpose. You are required to answer these questions and you are required by law to be truthful. The officer has a wide range of discretion and if the officer determines that you are not a genuine visitor, your entry may be denied.

If your purpose is genuinely temporary, then it is in your best interest to be truthful at such an examination. CBSA and immigration officers are very skilful at detecting untruthful responses and misrepresentations. Attempting to enter Canada by any means of misrepresentation is a criminal offence and you may be detained, charged and/or deported from Canada.

As an experienced Immigration Lawyer, I can explore with you the options available to apply for a study permit or a work permit.

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